The “Under and Over” use of Social Publishing

With billions of bloggers, multiple portals of media, search engine optimization options and social media sites popping up left, right and center. It is virtually impossible to ignore the fact that we are living in the midst of content overload. But while “most popular” links and suggested articles endlessly stack themselves on your browser, we have to wonder, why are companies not taking advantage of all of this information?

Companies, brands and stakeholders heavily rely on market research to further the growth of their businesses. Much of their research lays in the documented experiences of their consumers, target markets and specialists in their targeted industries. They’re always talking about getting customer evaluation and feedback on their products and services. We are simply suggesting that it’s time for these people to take advantage of what’s out there!

Although we are arguing that brands, stakeholders and businesses are underusing their internet resources, we can also understand where some of their hesitations lie.

•Is it a reliable source?

I think the issue with most businesses is that when they are reviewing feedback from internet resources, there is always the question of is this a reliable source?  Similar to when professors remind their students before writing a paper that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academic papers, researchers are reluctant to trust these resources. Due to the accessibility and open policies of the internet, many resources and comments are questionable. It is imperative to ask whether these sources are reliable, however I think because of this notion, brands, companies and business’ undermine the power of great content! Remember it’s out there, you just need to sift between levels of content quality.

•Don’t judge a book by its cover

I suppose it’s easy to ignore content when the design doesn’t ooze of fancy flash player splash pages and doesn’t come from someone who has PH.D. next to his/her name. But, not everyone comes from a graphic design standpoint which means their content should not be ignored or brushed off just because their website wasn’t done by a professional graphic designer. Sometimes the best content comes from the most basic sites with important consumer information and real people. Find equilibrium. It’s also important not to discriminate, while simultaneously ensuring the selection process involves high quality contributors.

One of the issues is that there is far too wide of a gap between brands and companies and their consumers/most valued users. Build a bridge to that rift. Do your research and pay attention to users who have real things to say about your products and services. Discovering high content quality produced by real consumers might be the missing piece of information you’ve been looking for. And it’s just a browser away.

With so much content overload, why is there content under load in certain areas?

Brands, social publishing tools are available to help you take advantage of the universe and the really great content that is already out there.  And, the best part is you get to engage with and collaborate with your fans, customers and industry thought leaders.

Don’t undermine the power of social publishing.

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