Going Atomic

Going Atomic is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Register with your name and email. Once you’ve received a confirmation e-mail you’ll be set and ready to go. When you’re going Atomic, you’ll first start by selecting your interests and creating a tribe. Be on the lookout for those who share your interests and add them as a member to your microsite. The more members you have the more you can generate traffic and isn’t that the whole point? Also, you can narrow down your tribe by creating topics for them.

Don’t forget to tag your topics, these will help your viewers find exactly what they are looking for.

Also, a neat thing about Atomic is that you can use the App Gallery to push feeds from your existing blogs and social media profiles. So if you want to get what you’ve already done in a click of a button, it’s easy.

A good tip: Create lots of social media accounts. Get onto facebook, twitter and youtube. Remember, the more forms of media you can generate, the more dynamic your tribe will become. Link all your current social media profiles with Atomic reach!

And just remember to just have fun with it!

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My Favourite Social Media Site

Aside from the obvious – Atomic Reach, my favorite social media site is hard to pin down… not because it’s a website and that would be impossible. There are so many new social media sites being created and used everyday. But the current trend in my browsing? Tumblr.

Tumblr is a “micro-blogging” site. Micro-blogging is a way for users to update their audience in a quick and easy way… Twitter is the perfect example. However, unlike Twitter,  Tumblr allows room for high resolution photos, videos and even audio posts. Get this, you can call in a post to Tumblr and they will automatically post it on your blog, for free!

It sure does make updating, sharing and posting my fascinating ideas and interests with the world easy.

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